Monday, August 3, 2015

DJ Envy Weighs In On Tyga's $80 Reebok Sneaker

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Exclusive digital Jordans for 2k16 My Player

I wanted to K 16 cover of the Collector's Edition the features of Michael Jordan and also you get a pair of digital Jordans for your my player. It also includes 30000 VC and a Micheal Jordan poster Fathead. You will not get a real pair of Jordans they are digital for a video game and the pack cost $79.99.

I honestly think this collector's pack is worth paying the extra $20 or so because it actually features a lot of cool things and if you were a basketball fan or a mic with your ass then its a must have if you haven't done any of the other collectors edition NBA 2k games 2k 16 is going to be awesome on the ps4 and Xbox one it will be the first real game of basketball that will use almost all of the features.

Air Jordan 5 Grapes with Kendrick Lamar

The Air Jordan 5 grapes were always one of my most favorite color ways of the Air Jordan 5 sneaker. Now the retro fives are a very popular Retro Air Jordan but even more popular is the emerald and the blue in the teal purple colorways that cross between male and female sneaker where's. I always thought that the colors were simply icy.
The Air Jordan 5 grapes were originally released in the 1990s but recently have been released once or twice so they can be seen by people nowadays but are still hard to find.
Below I have pictures of both the white grapes in the black grapes also a picture of +Kendrick Lamar  wearing the white grapes which tells you that celebrities like these sneakers too.